The planned investment scheme includes three areas (sports, recreational and residential) located in the center of Stodoły – the smallest of Rybnik’s districts. The site is just below the dam of the Rybnik water reservoir, on the edge of a vast forest complex stretching from Rudy Raciborskie up to Kędzierzyn Koźle.

The sports and recreation center is to be built in the place of a former horse farm. On the plot, there is a historic post-Cistercian manor house from the 18th century, along with farm buildings, and an abandoned hall of a riding school and stables built later. The stud also owned an approximately 200 m open riding hall, where the location of the housing estate is planned. There are two sailing centers on both sides of the reservoir within a few hundred meters of the planned investment. Both plots are bordered by the Ruda river.

A kayak center lying on the opposite bank of the river at the north-eastern corner of the sports and recreation area is the starting point for rafting on one of the most mesmerizing canoe routes in Poland. The bicycle route running through Stodoły starts in front of the Minor Basilica in the city center. It runs along the Ruda river and the banks of the Rybnik Lake up to the network of paths stretching across the Landscape Park. In the near future, it is planned to extend the line of the historic narrow-gauge railway from Rudy Raciborskie to the station in the area of the planned sports center.