Rybnik is an agglomeration of a strong economic, cultural and scientific center connected with the Upper Silesian Industrial District, the largest industrial district in Poland and one of the largest in Europe and with the Ostrava agglomeration and the Opolskie Voivodeship. The capital of the Rybnik region has 140,000 inhabitants, which places it amongst the 25 largest cities in Poland.

The A1 motorway runs through the administrative boundaries of the city, and the distance to the motorway junction with A4 “Sośnica” from the center is about 30 km. In 2019, the first section of the Regional Road Pszczyna – Racibórz is planned to be delivered, which will provide the city with a very fast connection to the A1 motorway.

Against the background of other Upper Silesian cities, Rybnik stands out due to its natural and scenic values. Among them, the first place is the landscape park of the Cistercian Landscape Compositions of the Rudy Wielkie, which, combined with the Rybnik Lake and meanders of the Ruda river, makes the northern outskirts of the city one of the most attractive places to live in Upper Silesia.

Lake Village as a crucial investment

The constantly increasing pace of life and new types of professional activities make us reflect on the model of our residence. Getting to the place of work located on the opposite side of a large city often lasts longer than a distance of a few dozen kilometers, in a well-connected smaller town. New means of communication, and above all the Internet, in many cases allows for remote & mobile working opportunities from the place of residence. On the other hand, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of physical activity in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. The gyms are developing dynamically, and existing sports centers are bursting at the seams. Nothing can replace outdoor health activities – running, cycling, tennis, water sports, skiing, etc. Getting to the places where you can do these sports from an apartment in the city center is often even more time consuming than getting to your place of work, which is why families choose a flat outside city center.

Single-family housing is not, however, the answer to the needs of today’s active man. Economical reasons come to the fore. Your own home is more expensive to build and maintain than an apartment in a multi-family building.

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